Happiness is the Performance Index


A successful life is a happy life. A successful living is filled with hope, enthusiasm, joy, faith, smiles and giving.

Happiness is positive outlook towards life, having confidence that things will work out. Happy people have smile on their face  even in tough times.

Happiness is the mind-set, happy people are good natured, giving and non-complaining. They have attuned their mind to happiness, when you have tuned your mind on happiness, you draw happy, positive, harmonious energy. Happy people want to contribute and do good. Their approach to conflict resolution is to stand up and address the problem without judgement and negativity. When you tune your mind to happy set point any amount of difficulty or challenges, you will be able to face because you have tune your mind to universal mind and it will provide you with a solution and give you strength to persevere.

How to tune your mind to happiness?

  1. Be happy without a Reason-If you attach your happiness to results, you will be on the roller- coaster ride. But, if you decide that you have to be happy, no matter what life’s challenges are, you make a choice. Choice to evolve or choice to de-evolve.
  2. Gratitude is counting your blessings. Count what you have verses what you do not have. Being grateful for what you have and improving upon it without complaining.
  3. Changing your focus-Challenging situations do come in life, coping with strength by shifting your focus from problem to solution or sometimes doing things which makes you feel good like dance, music, gardening, nature walks, sports, writing or any hobby which uplifts you.
  4. Attitude of service- When you do things with attitude of service, making surroundings better, intending good, uplifting standards of work, you will have boundless energy to do any impossible task and you will not feel like it is work.
  5. Work with Passion- When you work with passion, for the sake of love, you will work with enthusiasm, joy and vigour.
  6. Practice mindfulness- Keep checking what is going in your mind.. When your mind starts to chew on some negativity, be aware and change the focus by putting attention on your breath.
  7. Eat well- You are what you eat. Eat lot of vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, fresh food and lots of water.
  8. Company- Cut your company of negative news, shows or people who put you down or can set you on negative thinking.
  9. Spending time in nature- Nature fills you with energy, go out for bush walks or beaches to recharge yourself.
  10. Celebrate- Celebrate your life with fun, laughter and festivity. Find any reason to spread this happiness, uplift yourself and surroundings.

Reality in Reflections

Sangeeta Sharma

Every Interaction is an Energy Exchange.


Have you wondered, when we are engaged in Music, Dance or any Art, how do we feel ?We feel uplifted, calm and filled with joy and happy energy. Why it is so?
Because we are engaging in good energy and this good energy is filling up in our system, makes us feel better.

Imagine yourself as a powerful computer which operates on the commands given, data which is fed and the environment in which it operates. Human mind is like a super computer, the data we feed in its system has to be good, otherwise it can crash.

In order to operate at our level best, if we could take care of few things, our life will be a joy ride.

  1. THE PEOPLE-To Live well, we need to create best experiences. To create best experiences, we should have  a good company, company which uplifts you, supports you and share your vision. these people are like inspiration to do your best. Otherwise you will loose lot of energy in fighting your small battles.
  2. THE ENVIRONMENT-The environment in which you grow should be clean, having good flow of light and air. Close to the nature or having good amount of gardens and trees that will rejuvenate you. The environment of good energy uplifts you.
  3. ENGAGEMENT-What kind of job you do, also decide the type of energy you interact with. People dealing with children will have child like qualities for example- joy, enthusiasm, fun loving, creative, curious etc, they are full of life. People working in farms, gardens are more happy because they interact with nature. People dealing with crime will not be as happy as their other counterparts. People who are in art, craft, painting, Music, writing etc, have very creative , calm, joyous mind-set. That is why, it is important to decide, what kind of job suits your energy type.
  4. FOOD-Eating wholesome food, drinking lots of water, cutting on alcohol, fizzy drinks, coffee, junk food and processed food is important. Consuming fresh food instead of pre-packed or frozen food, gives more energy and vitality.
  5. BALANCE-Keeping life simple, noise free. There should be balance between work, play and rest. If we work too much without any play or rest. We are conditioning ourselves as a human machine. Our life will become dry with no juice in it. So, it is important to balance life with work, play and rest.
  6. LESS TECHNOLOGY– Modern living is too much dependent on the technology. We are doing something or other every moment. We are either calling, texting, browsing internet, listening or watching video. There is hardly anytime when we are still and do nothing. When you include some stillness in your routine, you can consciously unwind and recharge yourself.
  7. OVER-INDULGENCE– Too much indulgence in food, shopping, partying, loud music, thinking, drinking or sex drains your energy and vitality. To live a happy healthy life, we need to create a balance and engage in activities which will uplift us.

Spending your energy wisely is an art, by learning this art, we can conserve our energies and use it on activities which will bring value to our living rather than spending on sense gratification.
To live a happy, healthy life , live simple and engage in life supporting activities.